Jones-Harrison Residence

Minneapolis, MN

The scope of this project was large: remodel virtually every room in the five-story nursing and assisted living facility to meet contemporary expectations for senior housing and health care.  The challenges were significant as well. While the facility was occupied, all finishes would be updated and existing square footage would be significantly reconfigured.  Two complex design challenges were embedded in this project: 1st- reconfigure an entire floor to accommodate the unique needs of residents with Alzheimer’s and dementia; 2nd- create a Wellness Center, complete with a pool, in the existing basement of the facility.  This building has an H-shaped configuration-not ideal for a dedicated dementia floor because of dead-ended corridors.   Our design solution was to divide the floor into five “neighborhoods,” one in each of the four wings and one in the center area.  Each neighborhood would be centered around a “Great Room” with a living room, dining room and kitchen for residents.  The basement, being the only floor level with enough available area, was established as the location for the wellness center.