Health Care

Building on our history in senior health care, over the past decade, we have expanded our focus to include health care clinics, ambulatory care, specialties and mental health care facilities.  Our experience includes higher education facilities to train future health care professionals.

In addition to new facilities, our experience includes extensive remodeling projects which make more efficient use of limited and expensive space, improve patient and staff flow, patient privacy and safety, and increase energy and operational efficiency.  

Our mental health care experience includes mental health center master planning, counseling and therapy, crisis centers, detox facilities, as well as, intensive residential treatment (IRT) facilities.   
We work to increase productive clinician and staff time while improving the patient experience through careful space planning, integration of technology and thoughtful interior design.  GLTArchitects’ health care architects and interior designers are continually learning and expanding our knowledge in this ever-changing field that expects continually improved quality of care while simultaneously reducing staff and operational expenses.