St. Cloud Police Headquarters

St. Cloud, MN

The St. Cloud Police Headquarters is a  201,000 s.f. facility located on a downtown urban site.  It houses all police department divisions, associated support and lab spaces, and training space for staff.  Large training rooms located on the first floor can also function as an Emergency Operations Center and as community space for public use.

GLTArchitects collaborated with BKV Group on this project. Approximately $24 Million.

A total of 215 below-grade parking stalls are provided for staff and department vehicles, while surface parking in close proximity to the main entry is provided for the public.

The public space within the building is limited to the lobby and community room spaces.  All staff space is secure and accessed only through the use of card readers.

The design team worked with the local power utilities company to identify and select cost-effective and efficient mechanical and electrical equipment.  This was particularly critical due to the 24-hour use of the building.  The  energy conservation strategies are projected to save nearly $44,000 per year, with an initial payback period of only four months for the additional costs associated with incorporating these measures.

Daylighting from perimeter windows and light wells in the building interior reduce the need for artificial light.  The exterior glass is translucent in many locations to provide the safety and privacy required while still admitting natural light.  In addition, many spaces utilize occupancy sensors for automatically dimming and turning off light when not needed.  Exterior and interior materials were selected for their durability and low maintenance characteristics

  • Designed to Earn the ENERGY STAR, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency