Sauk Rapids-Rice High School

ISD 47
Sauk Rapids, MN

GLTArchitects worked closely with the School District and the City of Sauk Rapids to develop a master plan for the 160 acres owned by the City and the 100 acres owned by the School District.  The master plan process looked at the entire 260 acres as one piece of property to include activities that were desired and to get the best value for the community. 

The High School consists of 360,000 s.f. and is designed as a “school within a school,” creating smaller communities of learners, while still providing interaction among all students.

The school currently has capacity for 1,500 students but was designed with the ability to be expanded to 2,000 students in the future.  The core facilities were sized to meet the needs of the maximum load of 2,000 students, and space was identified in the plan and on the site to allow for the addition of a future house for the additional 500 students.

Project approximate cost $36 Million. Energy savings and sustainable strategies were incorporated into this design to achieve the following:

Operating cost efficiency over code
    --  $5.3 million
 Payback for additional cost
    -- 0.9 years