St. Cloud Public Library

Great River Regional Library
St. Cloud, MN

As associate architects, GLTArchitects was the firm in charge of construction administration of the new St. Cloud Public Library.  The soaring curves of the building and its glass, copper, and granite façade makes this structure a landmark in Downtown St. Cloud.  In collaboration with prime architects, MS&R, the building was completed in the summer of 2008.

The new library contains numerous sustainable features.  It is designed to be nearly completely lit by natural daylight during the daytime.  Large windows provide an abundance of light and greatly reduces the overall energy bill for the project. The energy systems also are designed using the most current technologies and efficiencies to reduce the impact of this building on the environment.  The facility contains granite, copper and other low maintenance natural materials.  The parking areas and the site contain rain gardens and low-maintenance plant materials to contain and control storm water run-off.