Metro Bus Operations Center
Expansion Projects

St. Cloud, MN

The Operations Center serves as the central maintenance and vehicle storage facility for the Metro Bus system.  GLTArchitects first worked to address several building maintenance issues they were having on their original building.  A site master plan was also developed to guide future development.  GLTArchitects has since worked with Metro Bus to implement the four expansion projects on the site.

1.  Vehicle Storage Addition
Vehicle storage space made up the first addition, along with modifications to the existing maintenance bays and support spaces.  Revised mechanical, ventilation, and lighting systems were incorporated.  This space accommodated a rapidly growing fleet of buses.

2.  Maintenance Bay Addition
The second expansion consisted of additional maintenance bays for the newer, smaller, bus models, with vehicle lifts and relocated staff support space.  Additional vehicle storage space made up most of the remainder of this expansion.  A wash bay and welding space were included as part of this expansion.  This expansion also simplified bus movement around and through the maintenance facility.

3.  Office Expansion
The third expansion provided additional administrative offices, staff work space, and enhanced driver break room facilities.

4.  (4) Drive-thru Bay Addition
The fourth and most recent addition added (4) drive-thru maintenance bays with in-ground lifts for the largest New Flyer transit buses and coach buses.  An automated lubrication system was added, replacing the outdated existing system.  Vehicle exhaust systems were also incorporated.