Benton County Public Works Facility

Foley, MN

The Benton County public works facility houses offices, parts, tire, and sign storage, vehicle storage, and vehicle repair spaces.  The insulated precast concrete panels proved to be a cost-effective and durable construction system for this facility.

An interesting feature of this building is the drive-thru wash bay.  This allows snow removal equipment to be driven into a heated space, be washed to remove salt and sand, and then be immediately relocated to the heated vehicle storage area.  The vehicle storage area has room for 18 large vehicles, which include dump trucks, graders, and front-end loaders.  In addition, there is a repair bay with an overhead crane for making major vehicle repairs, as well as frame straightening equipment in the floor for repairing snow plows.  The wash bay and repair bays feature in-floor heat and there are continuous trench drains throughout the facility.

A mechanical exhaust system has been incorporated into the building.  This features hoses that can be attached directly to the vehicles to prevent harmful fumes from entering the building.  A centralized oil distribution system was also installed.