Lakeview Mausoleum

Rest Haven Memorial Park
Cincinnati, Ohio

Four crypt bay lobbies meet at a central gathering space which features a large skylight above a recessed planter.  The main entry to this mausoleum includes a porte cochere.  The exterior façades include granite panels, split face ashlar granite and carved accents above the entries.

Mausoleum at All Souls Cemetery

Chardon, Ohio

A uniquely shaped central chapel space is formed in this mausoleum between three crypt and niche bays.  Clerestory windows let in natural light.  The interior and exterior finishes include several granite colors, finishes and stone carvings.

St. Jude Mausoleum

Holy Cross Cemetery
Brook Park, Ohio

This mausoleum is divided by three chapel spaces.  The central chapel has a high vaulted roof and large windows to let in natural light.  A variety of interior and exterior crypt and niche options are offered, including single and companion.  Carved granite panels and two statue recesses are featured on the exterior facades.

Garden of the Apostles

Holy Cross Cemetery
Brook Park, Ohio

This mausoleum includes a large central chapel space with a vaulted wood ceiling, exposed wood laminated beams and cross ties.  At each end of the chapel are glass curtain walls allowing ample daylight into the space.

Gumbiner Mausoleum

Newport Beach, California

Set into the hillside, this private mausoleum serves as the final resting place for two individuals.  The interment space includes crypts encased in Italian milk white marble.  The walls and roof are constructed from monolithic granite panels including translucent wall panels to let in natural daylight.  The attached biography room serves to celebrate and memorialize the individual’s life.

Mausoleum for St. Mary Cemetery

Cape May, New Jersey

This garden style mausoleum includes two crypt and niche bays with single and companion options.  The two bays are connected by a 500 S.F. covered gathering space with a granite paver and concrete patio.  A raised granite planter with a central statue is featured at the front of the facility.