Westwood Elementary School Addition and Remodel

St. Cloud Area School District 742
St. Cloud, MN
As a result of a successful bond referendum, for which GLTArchitects did the pre-referendum planning, ISD 742 was able to add a six classroom addition and expand the media center to address a growing student population. The addition was designed to blend in with the existing school’s forms and materials. It also addresses an existing need by adding new toilet facilities to serve the new classrooms as well as existing adjacent classrooms. In addition, the media center was expanded to include an adjacent classroom. This provided the necessary space to expand computer areas and bookshelves as well as provide for a media classroom. The circulation counter was relocated and expanded to provide needed space for student computers as well as better supervision of the entire space. With a new reading area, fun colors, and custom signage, the remodeled media center provides a fun and functional place for students to learn.

Rogers Elementary School Addition & Remodel

Elk River | Ostego | Rogers | Zimmerman ISD 728
Rogers, MN

ISD 728 called on GLTArchitects to resolve their space needs for the growing student population. The result is a new entry/administration area, enlarged commons and media center, and a new music room and loading dock. The food service areas were upgraded and expanded, and the cafeteria was enlarged. The construction was completed during the summer to limit disruptions to the school year operations.

Roosevelt Elementary School Addition

Willmar Public Schools ISD 347
Willmar, MN

After a community-based planning project designed and facilitated by GLTArchitects, Willmar Public Schools needed to move forward with some facility improvements to address enrollment needs and to reduce operating costs. They again turned to GLTArchitects to plan a classroom addition to add Kindergarten at Roosevelt Elementary School.

GLTArchitects, the superintendent, and the Board of Education worked through a series of meetings with the public where they explored a variety of ways to place the additions on the school and to find the most educationally effective and cost-effective solution. The result was the addition shown here, which allowed the access to the new Kindergarten wing to be easily supervised from the main office, and which minimized the amount of remodeling necessary. It also allowed the bus access route to be moved to the north side of the school, separating buses from parent traffic and creating a second exit from the school site in case of emergencies. Each classroom features private toilet rooms, built-in casework and large windows for natural light. Lockers were provided for student storage in the corridors.

Zimmerman High School / Middle School Addition

Elk River | Ostego | Rogers | Zimmerman ISD 728
Zimmerman, MN

GLTArchitects designed a 9,550 square foot addition to the existing school that provided a weight room, wrestling room, and locker rooms.  The addition freed up needed classroom spaces that were being used as a weight room and wrestling room.

Talahi Community School Addition

St. Cloud Area School District 742
St. Cloud, MN

This 6,500 square foot addition adds four classrooms to the existing elementary school. The addition was designed using the forms and materials found in the existing building so the addition matches the original building. The project also included adding skylights to existing classrooms to provide natural light to interior spaces. The existing hot water heating system was extended to heat the new classroom spaces.

Mississippi Heights Elementary School Addition and Remodel

Sauk Rapids – Rice ISD 47
Sauk Rapids, MN

Mississippi Heights began life as a middle school.  It was originally designed by GLTArchitects in 1993 to meet very specific curricular requirements for the Sauk Rapids-Rice School District.  The District wanted to achieve efficiencies in the facility but they also wanted to create smaller communities of learners.  Rather than one large school of 900 students, the plan included three “houses” of 300 students each.  Each “house” has its own classrooms and science labs.  The art and media centers, gymnasium, and dining spaces are shared by all “houses.”  The gymnasium was designed with 1000 spectator seats to help relieve pressure on the existing high school gymnasium.

As a part of the Long-Range Facilities Plan created for the District in 2000, GLTArchitects was retained to facilitate converting the middle school to accommodate a K-5 program.  New rooms with toilets were added for kindergarten, the bathrooms and the serving lines were modified for elementary school use, and the science labs were converted to wet labs for elementary projects. The woodshop classroom became the art room with more storage and more space than the original art room.  The band room became a performance room for small plays; and because of its carpeted risers, it also works well for reading to groups.  An additional computer lab was created for the students on the second floor, and an outdoor playground was also added to the school.

North Junior High, South Junior High, Discovery School, and McKinley School

St. Cloud Area School District 742 Remodeling
St. Cloud, MN

The following projects were planned concurrently and construction was completed in one summer to limit disruptions during the school year.

North Junior High:  To accommodate changing student needs, three Special Education classrooms were created from some underutilized space within the building. The Read 180 program area was also remodeled into two separate classrooms. Since the existing space was lower than the surrounding area the floor was filled to address accessibility concerns and improve the utilization of the space. The Media Center also received some upgrades to better utilize the space and provide additional computer lab space.

South Junior High:  The upper media area was converted into four classrooms to accommodate the growing Special Education program.  Boys and girls toilets were upgraded to meet current accessibility standards.  A separate toilet and changing room was created to provide better care and privacy for students with special needs.  An academic support space was created from an existing storage area providing a space for more focused learning.  A new storage facility was also designed and built.

Discovery School:  A portion of Discovery School was renovated to be used by the Community Education and Adult Basic Education programs.  Six classrooms were remodeled and bathrooms and offices were added.  New security features were added to control access between this area and the rest of the building.

McKinley School:  McKinley School was renovated to house all of the District’s Alternative Learning Center programs in one location.  This also allowed the District to close an underutilized building.

District Service Center/Early Childhood Remodeling

Sartell – St. Stephen ISD 748
Sartell, MN

This 38,000 s.f. former elementary school was renovated to house early childhood classroom spaces and relocated district offices. Additional multi-purpose spaces include meeting rooms as well as the original gym with the restored original maple floor.

The exterior of the building received all new windows with both clear and spandrel glass to maintain the original look with increased energy efficiency. The entire building was also reroofed with increased insulation.

Benton Stearns Education District

Sauk Rapids, MN
Benton Stearns Education District is a cooperative that provides special education services to six member school districts. After a number of prior successful projects, Benton Stearns Education District again turned to GLTArchitects. The Education District would be purchasing the former Sacred Heart School in Sauk Rapids to become the home for its Voyagers program. The program serves 40 students in 5th through 10th grades who have emotional and/or behavioral issues.
As part of the project, the administration area was reconfigured to provide better security and building oversight. Numerous accessibility and life safety upgrades were made, including installing a new 3-story lift, making restrooms accessible and adding new guard rails. An entry system was replaced to provide an accessible-compliant door and card access, camera, and intercom. Walls were repainted, electrical, data, and fire alarm systems were upgraded, and new carpeting and VCT flooring were installed.

Cathedral High School
Long Range Facilities Planning and Visioning

St. Cloud, MN

GLTArchitects has been engaged in helping Cathedral High School / John XXIII Middle School plan for the future since 1993.  In 1993 master planning was done at the current campus to determine the best use of current facilities and to identify areas of potential expansion to accommodate future growth.  Specific sites were identified for future building locations, parking areas and outdoor athletic facilities.  The existing buildings were also evaluated for current use and to compare available space to current education facility standards.  This plan was updated in 2000.  

In 2005, GLTArchitects was engaged by Cathedral High School/John XXIII Middle School to facilitate a community-wide committee to prepare a mid-term Community Vision for Cathedral High School.  A vision statement, several guiding themes, and identification of Cathedral’s core values were developed by the group.

Using this information as our guide, GLTArchitects prepared a study of the existing school and provided design options and cost estimates to incorporate upgrades that not only updated the school, but also brought the school more in line with its future vision and core values.

First and foremost, this plan identified the need to create a larger, more visible and dedicated chapel to reflect the role of faith to the Cathedral Community.  Additionally, the science labs, technology, and the media center will be expanded and improved to reflect the values that Cathedral placed on their learning environment.  Food service, code, and accessibility issues were also addressed to improve the overall environment of the school.

The first phase of the plan was implemented in 2007 and consisted of upgrades to the food service area.  The second phase, completed in 2008, included the incorporation of a fire suppression system throughout the building and a new elevator addition.

In 2009, GLTArchitects was hired to develop a schematic design for a larger, more visible chapel as identified in the master plan.

St. Katharine Drexel School Addition and Remodel

St. Cloud, MN

GLTArchitects was engaged to help create a long-term plan for expansion of St. Augustine church and St. Katharine Drexel School.  Because the issues of the expansion were interrelated to those of St. Augustine’s neighbors, the master planning process for the church and school involved the city and the neighbors in the creation of a long-term Planned Unit Development (PUD) that will guide the long-term growth of this area.

The school addition that resulted from the master plan includes Pre-Kindergarten through 6th Grade and is located on the East Side of St. Cloud.  The project added 11,700 s.f., and remodeled, in some fashion, all 18,000 s.f. of existing space in the school and now has the capacity for 200 students. The addition added music space, a media center with computer lab, storage, and offices; all functions that had taken over classroom space since the last addition to the school in the late 1960’s. The existing school was remodeled to address life safety and code concerns, to add fire protection and improve ventilation throughout, and to aesthetically update the school so it was complementary to the new spaces added.

Hillside School Remodel

Sauk Rapids-Rice ISD 47
Sauk Rapids, MN

The original 1928 high school for Sauk Rapids, this 45,000 s.f. facility was converted from a grade 4-5 school to a suitable site for Early Childhood & Adult Basic Education programs. A code review and an ADA (accessibility) study we had previously completed were referenced for this project as we added improvements such as fire protection (sprinklers) and an accessible lift to bring this project into compliance.  Ventilation was also addressed throughout the facility.

Rice Elementary School

Sauk Rapids-Rice ISD 47
Rice, MN

Our initial project at Rice Elementary School consisted of two phases.  Phase I of this project involved the addition of eight classrooms.  Phase II included reorganizing the site to create a safer student drop-off area, adding a new entry, administrative offices, food service, and art and music facilities.  A large part of the work conducted at this facility was to upgrade mechanical and electrical systems.  Major repairs, which resulted from deferred expenditures, were also undertaken and included the repair of some roof areas.

Phase III of the project addressed additional deferred maintenance issues and upgrades to the mechanical and electrical systems.  Brick veneer was also added during this phase to a portion of a previous addition to the school.

Phase IV included air conditioning throughout the building, new ceilings were installed in several classrooms, and lighting in the building was improved.