Kaleidoscope Charter School
Addition and Remodel

Otsego, MN

As a successful K-8 school, Kaleidoscope was in need of a significant addition to the existing facility to accommodate growth among current grades and to offer senior high school grade levels.  The new K-12 school continues with the tradition of small class sizes with individual attention as well as providing specialty offerings like their STEAM program (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics).  

Originally designed as a Kindergarten through 8th grade school, Kaleidoscope Charter School wanted to expand to include grades 9-12. 

During the programming phase, it was determined that the school would need 37 teaching stations to serve 770 students.  While all grades would be located within a single building, it was desired that the middle / high school have its own entry.  It was also desired that the design of the new addition be stylistically similar to the existing building.

The result is a school with two wings off from a main spine.  Portions of the existing school were remodeled to serve grades K-6.  The middle school grades were relocated to join the high school grades in the new wing.  In addition to general classrooms, the new wing includes specialized art, science, technology, and special education classrooms.

Shared core spaces were centrally located between the two wings to maximize efficiency.  The media center was relocated and enlarged to serve all grade levels.  A new kitchen and serving area were added.  The cafeteria was designed in such a way that it could also be used as a practice gym.  A movable wall between the cafeteria and the new music room can be opened up to allow the music room to serve as the performance area.

Safety and security were primary considerations.  A new dedicated bus drop off was added. The existing elementary school entry was modified to require visitors to pass through the main office before entering the school.  A new security grille was added to allow the core spaces to be used on evenings and weekends.  

A long range plan for the site was also developed, which identified locations for future building expansions, playing fields, and additional parking.