Annandale Elementary

Annandale, Minnesota

$21 Million

146,000 S.F.


Following a comprehensive study of existing facilities by GLTArchitects and Annandale Public Schools, they decided that the best option was to design a new elementary school for grades PK-5.  Design began following a successful referendum in May 2011 and needed to allow the existing school to operate safely while new construction occurred.  The new, 1000-student, PK-5 facility provides an exciting learning environment for children and brings together community education and elementary school programs under one roof.
Daylighting strategies were used to harvest the natural light of the sun to successfully provide the proper quantity and quality of daylight needed in an effective learning environment and will result in reduced energy consumption over the life of the building.  The design team participated in the Xcel Energy Assets Program, which will result in $171,000 in rebates and incentives.

The new school welcomed students and staff in the fall of 2013.