Atwood Memorial Center Addition and Remodel

St. Cloud State University
St. Cloud, Minnesota

$3.7 Million

18,000 S.F. Remodeled
15,000 S.F. New Construction

GLTArchitects was  chosen to renovate and add on to Atwood Memorial Center.  The five main areas that were  addressed included student organization space, a student cultural center, vendor/retail space, conferencing space, and a skyway link to Centennial Hall.  Working with the Atwood Memorial Center Construction Committee, we developed a design that more logically located the student organizations, retail spaces and the circulation system on the first floor, and added needed meeting space on the second floor.  The curved metal panel facade, concrete columns, and louvered shading devices enliven this previously static building.  The second floor skyway enlarges the perceived size of the building, while at the same time providing a physical connection between this building and the nearby Centennial Hall.

Exterior Sunshades -Atwood Memorial Center
Conference Space - Atwood Memorial Center
Exterior - Atwood Memorial Center