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Boy Scouts of America Lawn Social, St. Cloud, MN

July 13, 2017
GLTA is honored to continue to help support Boy Scouts of America in sponsoring their annual "The Lawn Social".  It is an evening of fellowship, networking, great food and refreshments. This event helps support several Scouting programs including Scoutreach which provides the positive values of Scouting to disadvantaged and at-risk youth in the St. Cloud area. 
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Great River Rotary Bike Station

July 10, 2017
GLTArchitects Partner, Steve Paasch, a member of the local, Great River Rotary of Sauk Rapids and Sartell, teamed up with the City of Sauk Rapids to set their sights on improving the existing bike trail through the community.  The Mississippi River Trail ( MRT) runs through the city's park along the river.  The Great River Rotary built a stand-alone kiosk near Lions Park in Sauk Rapids that displays the trail route through the city and highlights locations of local businesses that can provide services to the adventurous bikers.  Also provided near the kiosk is a bike repair station, bike rack and 3 benches to relax and take in the beautiful scenery. Please see the sctimes article here. 
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Ms. Melinda's "State of the Art" Dance Studio Opening Soon! - Waite Park, MN

June 26, 2017
Dancers, Dancers, get on your tapping shoes and head on over to Ms. Melinda's New Dance Studio, opening this Thursday, June 25th, GLTArchitects and staff will meet you there.
Read more details here from the SCSU Times.

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Awards, Award, Awards! - Ms. Melinda's Dance Studio - Waite Park, MN

May 23, 2017
The awards display case is complete...............with plenty of room to display thier plethora of awards earned and received within categories ranging from Choreography and Costume to Entertainment and Performance. "Ms. Melinda's Dance Studio is an award winning dance studio in the St. Cloud area."  - thanks to the Teachers, Students and Families.
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Depths of Detail! - Ms. Melinda's Dance Studio - Waite Park, MN

March 27, 2017
The exterior details are coming together quite nicely as the stone wainscot is being added to Ms. Melinda's Dance Studio.  That which is infused with color and runs throughout the product, it also adds such a depth of detail to the front entrance that is very warm and inviting to all who enter.  
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Ms. Melinda's Exterior Presence is Shining Bright! - Waite Park, MN

February 28, 2017
The new Ms. Melinda's Dance Studio is continuing its progress of the buildings exterior shell as it's quickly approaching the aniticpated grand opening slated for this June. So much excitement in the air!!
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Ms. Melinda's is taking form!! - Waite Park, MN

November 21, 2016
Winter may have arrived, but it hasn't altered the progression of the structural steel framing of the building being placed and it's moving along quite nicely here at Ms. Melinda's Dance Studio in Waite Park, MN.
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Anderson Trucking Services' Expansion Within, Construction Continues...St. Cloud, Mn

October 06, 2016
Anderson Trucking Service (ATS)  has a trucking history dating back to the 1930’s, this rapidly growing family owned business is a valued member of the St. Cloud area community.  The two story addition, designed by GLTArchitects, respects ATS corporate values and compliments the visual expression of the existing building. Construction is on track to be completed spring of 2017.
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Ms. Melinda's Dance Studio Ground Breaking, Waite Park, MN

October 03, 2016
Ms. Melinda’s Dance Studio and GLTArchitects together put their hard hats on and thus the beginning of the studio's future investment begins.  Construction is expected to be completed by July 2017.  Click here to learn more. 
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Anderson Trucking Service begins Construction, St. Cloud, MN

September 20, 2016
The ATS Corporate Headquarters is a prominent landmark located on the south end of St. Cloud, Minnesota.  The two story addition designed by GLTArchitects matches the visual expression of the existing building.  It will accommodate 200 additional employees as well as provide 6 additional conference rooms.   
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