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SCSU Administration Lobby -Completed and Refreshed! , St. Cloud, MN

November 02, 2020
SCSU has completed the 3-phased remodel of the first floor lobby of the college's Administration Building.  GLTArchitects is excited to have been involved with this remodel project that included a refresh of the main floor lobby, corridors and the common space.  A new welcoming meeting space for new students and families to come together and enjoy. 
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SCTCC Brewlash Beer & Goulash Festival Raised more than $45,000!! - St. Cloud, MN

October 28, 2020
GLTA is a proud sponsor of SCTCC Brewlash Beer and Goulash Festival and honored to help and be a part of raising more than $45,000 for Student Scholarships. To find out more about the event, click here
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SCSU Husky Stands Tall!

January 24, 2020
As the winter storms blow-in, the SCSU Husky Stands tall, protecting it's students, staff and fans alike. 
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SCTCC Annual Brewlash Winners are....- St. Cloud, MN

October 29, 2019
The Culinary Art Students winning hotdish was created by Team Kenzie and Colin- "Chicken Bacon Ranch Tator Tot Hotdish". It was the first time this event had generated more than $40,000- CONGRATULATIONS!  GLTArchitects is grateful to help sponsor such a great program.  Please read a more indepth article along with the 11 downloadable recipes here. 
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SCSU Husky Statue Stands Tall! - St. Cloud, MN

October 16, 2019
The underlit lights illuminating as the Husky Statue keeps watch on a quiet evening on SCSU campus. 
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SCSU Husky Plaza Dedication! -St. Cloud, MN

September 28, 2019
As the Husky Mascot is finally revealed, new traditions at SCSU are just beginning! GLTArchitects and SCSU partnered together to help create the start of "weaving in old traditons with the creation of new ones" and from that, a sense of Husky Pride, all centered here, around Husky Plaza. Let the traditions begin!!  Please see the SCSU article here for the reveal. 
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SCSU's Husky Mascot Takes Center Stage! - SCSU- St. Cloud, MN

September 23, 2019
SCSU Husky mascot takes center stage today at SCSU's Husky Plaza site. 
The 800# plus bronze statue is a representation of  "New Traditions at SCSU!"  Husky Plaza dedication is at 1 p.m. Sept. 28 at site location. Check out the Facebook Clip installation here, posted by SCSU. (Sept 23rd post) 
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SCSU Administrative Services Lobby - Getting a Refresh- St. Cloud, Mn

September 18, 2019
GLTArchitects is working with SCSU to remodel their existing Administrative Services Lobby along with it's hallways and lounge area to be more welcoming entrance to families, students and all visitors to campus. 
A projected Fall 2019 date to begin the remodel.  
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SCTCC 2019 -3rd Annual Brewlash! - St. Cloud, MN

August 26, 2019
St. Cloud Technical College is hosting their 3rd Annual Brewlash Competition! "A fun old-fashioned garage party in the Medium/Heavy Truck and Auto Body Labs at SCTCC, where you'll enjoy delicious hotdish samples created by our very own Culinary Art students, accompanied with samples of local craft beer, cider and wine!" 
Mark your calendars for Oct. 24, 2019.
GLTArchitects is excited to help sponsor and of course help taste test all the offerings!
If you are interested in indiviudal tickets or a sponsorship, please visit thier website here. 
All proceeds go towards student scholarships and program needs.
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SCSU's Husky Plaza is ready to lay Pavers!

August 12, 2019
An overview of St. Cloud States' Husky Plaza during construction.  The plaza accent wall and its masonry construction is underway, and paver area is being prepared for the placement of the inscribed pavers.  The site surrounding the plaza has been rough-graded in preparation for the landscape coming soon!! 
Please view here for more details from "Vice President of University Advancement Matt Andrew to give more information about the upcoming Husky Plaza and what it means for St. Cloud State University."
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